This website was built by early career scientists who volunteered their time out of a passion for evidence-based policy. For it to grow, we need your help. Please consider joining us through one of the volunteer opportunities below. 

Social Media Content Coordinator.

Produce content for, and increase engagement through, the Project's Facebook and Twitter pages. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to apply and improve communication skills through social media, and to work with a motivated group of early-career scientists.

Commitment is 1-2 hours per week, for at least 6 months. Volunteer should have some college-level STEM and/or policy coursework, although graduate-level coursework in either area is preferred. Formal experience in social media through previous job or volunteer positions, or strong informal experience (i.e. growth and management of a personal science / travel account), is required. 

Preferred location is in Seattle WA, but strong potential to work remotely.

Contact us to volunteer as the social media content coordinator. 

Become a contributor.

Contributors compose summaries for our Featured and/or Statute pages that are pertinent to their chosen topic of interest (open topics listed in Featured section). Topic Editors will contact Contributors for summaries based on each Contributors' specific expertise in their broader topic area. The frequency of their contributions is based on the rate of related document publication in the Federal Register and the extent of the contributor network in their topic area; however, to maintain their volunteer position Contributors must submit a minimum of just four summaries per year. 

Our Contributors will not only gain training and experience dealing with federal agency documents and the regulatory process, they will also become a part of a professional network of scientists and policy experts working with the Public Comment Project.

Apply to be a contributor. 

Become an editor.

Topic Editors manage the contributions made to the Featured and Statutes sections of their chosen topic area, and monitor the publication of new regulation proposals and notices related to that topic. Editors will consistently identify key regulations and notices for listing in the Featured section. For regulations and notices deemed particularly important, Editors will contact Contributors for summaries of the Federal Register text and any relevant statutes. They will also serve as an additional round of review to ensure that contributions meet Project standards.

Our Editors will gain similar experience with the regulatory process as Contributors, but will also acquire leadership and management skills through more intimate involvement in decision-making throughout our publication process. 

Apply to one of our open editor positions. 

Blog Content Coordinator.

Interested in science writing? Work with us on our blog content.

Contact us to volunteer as the blog content coordinator.