→ Proposal to remove prohibition on certain sport hunting practices in Alaska

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The National Park Service is proposing an amendment that 'would remove a regulatory prohibition by the National Park Service in 2015 that prohibited certain sport hunting practices that are otherwise permitted by the State of Alaska.' The prohibited practices include: 'Taking any black bear, including cubs and sows with cubs, with artificial light at den sites; harvesting brown bears over bait; taking wolves and coyotes (including pups) during the denning season (between May 1 and August 9); taking swimming caribou; taking caribou from motorboats under power; taking black bears over bait; and using dogs to hunt black bears.' This new amendment would be consistent with two Orders issued by the Secretary of the Interior since the 2015 prohibition, which outline 'how the Department of the Interior should manage recreational hunting and trapping in the lands and waters it administers.'