→ Proposed peak-season fee increases at National Parks

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The National Park Service is considering fee increases at highly visited national parks during peak visitor seasons. New peak season entry fees for visitors would be established at 17 national parks, with the 'peak season for each park... defined as its busiest contiguous five month period of visitation.' The new entrance fees are: $70 per vehicle, $50 per motorcycle, and $30 per person. Fee increases 'will generate badly needed revenue for improvements to the aging infrastructure of national parks...All of the funds would be used to improve facilities, infrastructure, and visitor services, with an emphasis on deferred management projects.' A list of affected parks and their peak-season dates can be found hereThis proposal also includes entrance and permit fee adjustments for commercial tour operators, which would consist of 'increase[d] fees for commercial operators and standardize[d] commercial use authorization requirements for road-based commercial tours, including application and management fees.'