→ Environmental Impact Statement for Elk Creek Watershed Project, California

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This notice announces the intent of the US Forest Service to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Elk Creek Watershed Project 'defining the scope, goals, and actions of the project.' The Environmental Impact Statement will assess proposed vegetation treatment in approximately 10,550 acres within the 45,992 acre project boundary. Vegetation treatments include commercial and noncommercial thinning, hardwood and meadow enhancement, and fuels reduction adjacent to private property, among others. 'The purpose of the Elk Creek Watershed Project is to address the need to manage forest stands to be more resilient to future disturbances, improve water quality to maintain and restore riparian and aquatic habitat, improve terrestrial habitat for northern spotted owl and Roosevelt elk, reduce fuel accumulations, and improve the vigor and prevalence of Karuk cultural resources.' Comments on this notice should help guide the development of the Environmental Impact Statement.