→ Notice of Rule-making to Revise Population Designation of North Carolina Red Wolves

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The US Fish and Wildlife Service is notifying the public and other agencies that they intend to begin gathering information necessary to revise the current population designation of red wolves (Canis rufus) in North Carolina. The red wolf is currently listed as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. Today, the only population of red wolves in the wild is the non-essential experimental population established around Alligator River in North Carolina. All other individuals of this species are found in captive facilities around the country. The Service is proposing to change the goal of the current NEP project from solely that of establishing a self-sustaining wild population to a goal of also supporting viability of the captive wolves of the red wolf breeding program, meaning that the captive wolves and the NEP will be managed as one single meta-population. To do so, the Fish and Wildlife Service will be preparing a draft environmental review. This notice calls for suggestions and information on the scope of issues that need to be included in their environmental review.