→ Test of International Trade Data System for electronic submission of data related to import of fish products

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The National Marine Fisheries Services announces 'a test of the International Trade Data System involving the electronic submission of data, related to importation of fish products regulated under the Seafood Import Monitoring Program.' The test, coordinated with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, uses the import Partner Government Agency data set via the Automated Commercial Environment Secure Data Portal.' The National Marine Fisheries Service, with Customs and Border Patrol, 'have developed a plan to test and assess the electronic transmission of harvest and traceability data for fish imports covered by the [Seafood Import Monitoring Program].' 'Under this test, data may be submitted for the covered fish products imported in any operational port. All ports are operational for the test.' The test 'will continue until concluded by publication of a notice in the Federal Register ending the test. Comments on the submission and processing of import data will be accepted throughout the duration of the test.'