→ Stock Assessment Report for the Northern Sea Otter in Washington

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One goal of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) is 'to ensure that stocks of marine mammals in waters under U.S. jurisdiction do not experience a level of human-caused mortality and serious injury that is likely to cause the stock to be reduced below its optimum sustainable population level.' To accomplish this goal, the National Marine Fisheries Service is required to prepare a Stock Assessment Report. 'The Washington sea otter [Stock Assessment Report] was last revised in August 2008. The Washington sea otter is not a strategic stock, thus the National Marine Fisheries Service is required to review the stock assessment at least once every 3 years. The Service reviewed the Washington sea otter [Stock Assessment Report] in 2011 and concluded that a revision was not warranted because the status of the stock had not changed, nor could it be more accurately determined. However, upon review in 2016, the Service determined that revision was warranted because of changes in population estimates and distribution.' The draft Stock Assessment Report is available for public review and comment.