→ Neonicotinoid Risk Assessment: Benefits Assessment

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The Environmental Protection Agency is requesting comments on 'benefits of neonicotinoid insecticide use in cotton and citrus. 'While [the Environmental Protection Agency] typically releases benefits assessments along with the proposed interim decisions, [the Agency] is releasing and obtaining public comment on these two benefits assessments at an earlier stage of the registration review process. These benefits assessments will help... evaluate the impacts of potential measures to reduce certain risks to pollinators identified' in previous preliminary assessments.' 

This notice also announces the availability of Environmental Protection Agency's 'draft ecological non-pollinator risk assessment for the registration review of imidacloprid, along with draft human health and non-pollinator ecological risk assessments for the registration review of clothianidin, thiamethoxam, and dinotefuran' (previously announced here). 'Finally, [the Environmental Protection Agency] is releasing a response to public comments on the Agency's 2014 assessment of the benefits of neonicotinoid seed treatments to soybean production.'