→ Draft Strategic Plan (2018-2022) for Environmental Protection Agency

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The Environmental Protection Agency is announcing the availability of a draft of its Fiscal Years 2018-2022 Strategic Plan . The EPA's Strategic Plan must include 'a mission statement, set out long-term goals, objectives, and strategic measures, and describe strategies to achieve them over a four-year time horizon.' The 2018-2022 Strategic Plan reflects the EPA Administrator's priorities 'to advance the [EPA's] mission to protect human health and the environment by setting three strategic goals': (1) Core Mission - 'deliver real results to provide Americans with clean air, land, and water'; (2) Cooperative Federalism - 're-balance the power between Washington and the states to create tangible environmental results for the American people'; and (3) Rule of Law and Process - 'administer the law, as Congress intended, to refocus the Agency on its statutory obligations under the law.' The EPA 'is seeking comment from individual citizens, states, tribes, local governments, industry, the academic community, non-governmental organizations, and all other interested parties.'