→ Energy Conservation Standards Program design

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The U.S. Department of Energy 'is evaluating the potential advantages and disadvantages of additional flexibilities in the U.S. Appliance and Equipment Energy Conservation Standards program.' "Flexibilities" could include 'market-based approaches (such as those used to set average efficiency standards), feebate programs, or other approaches that may reduce compliance costs and/or increase consumer choice while preserving or enhancing appliance efficiency.' This is a request for information regarding the key issues and possible design of such a program. The Department of Energy is particularly looking for (1)'feedback on possible economic efficiency gains,' (2) 'impacts on consumer and manufacturer costs,' (3) 'impacts on energy savings,' and (4) 'suggestions for a pilot product category and/or phase-in of revisions across the Appliance and Equipment Energy Conservation Standards program.' Information on the 'potential challenges associated with designing and implementing any of these flexible program approaches as well as possible solutions' is also welcome.


*Comment period was extended 30 days from February 26 to March 26, 2018, by stakeholder request.