→ Information collection for control and accounting of special nuclear material

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 The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is renewing its information collection entitled "Material Control and Accounting of Special Nuclear Material*," which pertains to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's collection of mandatory fundamental material control plans from entities who possess and use certain forms and quantities of special nuclear material. This information collection establishes requirements for material control and accounting of special nuclear materials; specific performance-based regulations for licensees authorized to possess, use, and produce strategic special nuclear material; and special nuclear material of moderate strategic significance and low strategic significance. The information is used by the NRC to make licensing and regulatory determinations, and to satisfy obligations of the United States to the International Atomic Energy Agency. 


*Special nuclear material is defined as as plutonium, uranium-233, or uranium enriched in the isotopes uranium-233 or uranium-235. It does not include source material. Special nuclear material is only mildly radioactive, but it includes fissile isotopes that, in concentrated form, could be used as the primary ingredients of nuclear explosives.